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Corporate Undercover Investigators. Investigating Employee Thefts, Stealing, Fraud, Data Thefts Or In Violation Of Company Policies. Corporate Undercover Investigations - We assist companies in today's business world that professional investigators maybe needed to detect illegal activities or violations of company policies. 

Florida Investigators, Documenting The Evidence For Civil Or Criminal Cases.


Corporate Undercover Agents.

The objectives of these investigations is to reduce a corporations liabilities from current or future damages that maybe caused by an employees who engaged in: - Drug Abuse - Alcohol Abuse - Drug Trafficking - Internal Theft - Sabotage/Vandalism - Product Tampering - Sexual Harassment.

Investigations Considerations, Other considerations may include the agent's status as a full time or part time employee, the type of employment duties (worker or management) and the mobility of the agent to observe multi location without causing any suspicions to company personnel or law enforcement.

White Collar Thefts. We have investigators for businesses in regards to accounting thefts, inventory shortage or dishonest employees. These crimes are initiated by individuals who have access to accounts or private information. They may have covered their tracks for years. It could be an individual or numerous employees.

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In Large Corporations:

In large companies, there are multi components that it is nearly impossible for executives to know everything about the company's operations.

Studying account ledgers, inventory, sales accounting to study business operations may only give management a false picture of a operation. The best report is when management has a realistic view of how the company operates. There are levels of disconnection when employees, see what is going on but fail to report these actions as a violation of company policy.

Our undercover agents operate in your best interest. In fact we are called into companies to Investigate for a variety of issues but they can be classified into three general categories: corporate intelligence gathering, use and illegal drugs in the organization and white collar theft investigations.

Drugs In The Business Environments:

The cost of drug abuse is difficult to calculate, though policy makers and consultants keep trying. A recent Congressional report estimated that alcohol and drug abuse add up to a $177 billion drain on the economy.

A current survey indicates on its 2015 survey of the 1,000 biggest companies, estimates the cost of illegal drug use to corporations at $67 billion annually.

Our agents will integrate into the work environment. Gaining the trust of the co-workers and associates is essential. 

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Undercover Agents For Corporate Or Business Environments.

Undercover Agent For Corporations - Is a person involved in or involving working for management within a organization, especially for the purposes of investigation of employee activities or conduct.

Why Have Someone Undercover? Undercover investigations is not glamorous but it is essential for many companies to use this form of internal investigation to discover and solve problems that may be costing them millions of dollars. .

Corporate Ethics Investigations.

Anchor Investigation, Florida Private Investigators.

Contact Our Agency If You Consider An Organization, Individuals Or Competitors That Maybe Engaged In Illegal Business Deals.




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Infidelity, Divorce, Custody.

From work, at airport, hotels, casinos, or during business meetings, at convention centers our surveillance experts have the most recent spy equipment to document a persons activities.

  • GPS Devices For Vehicles or Luggage.
  • Hidden Video Equipment For Home Or Office.
  • Forensic For Computer Hard Drives or Cellphones.
Maritime Investigations, Licensed Sea Captain, Private Investigator.


As a USCG Licensed Captain, Private Investigators and Fraud Examiners, I have the experienced, training and have conducted numerous land or sea accident reconstructions and maritime injury investigations.


Florida Maritime Service will assist corporations, private individuals, insurance companies, law firms, marine, employers or employees who work in, or service the maritime industry. As a licensed investigator I can conduct private investigation which are designed to give you information which you may need to determine if individuals or organizations are honest or deceptive.


Investigations of yacht repairs, false or misleading repairs or work, or investigations of the Boat Captain or Crew Activities in your absence, their off-hour associations, habits and locations.

Boca Raton, Private Investigators, Florida Undercover Private Investigators, Agents For Business, Corporations. Corporate Undercover Investigators. Investigating Employee Thefts, Stealing, Fraud, Data Thefts.
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