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Identity Theft That May Happen During Internet Dating.

Identity Thefts, Online Romance Identity Theft, Internet Dating Turns To Extortion, Blackmail.  Online Romance, Identity Theft. They Asked, Or You Gave Them Your Personal Information. What To Do. Our Boca Raton Private Investigators Who Can Assist You If Someone Is Using Your Personal Information. 

Identity Theft That May Happen During Internet Dating.


Internet Identity Fraud, You Gave Or They Stole Your Personal Information.


This crime is when someone steals steal your personal identity. These thieves use the victim's personal information to fraudulently pose as the victim, usually for financial benefits..

Online Dating, Romance, Identity Theft. What To Do.

Online Dating, Romance, Identity Theft.

Internet Identity Fraud, You Gave Or They Stole Your Personal Information.

You met online on a dating site. What to do? At times, you may need the services of a private investigator to track, locate and identify this person or organization.

Red Flags, Warning Signs, Internet Romance.

Check For - Unusual activity on your credit cards or credit report

Check For - Missing bills and statements

Check For - Emails or texts asking for sensitive information

Calls from creditors about accounts you never opened or loans you never applied for.

If Someone Has Your Personal Information. Scroll Down

Staying Safe. Play It Smart.

Don't become a victim of identity fraud; take these steps to prevent it from happening to you while you're dating online.

Do not post or share any personal information and details with anyone, no matter how safe you think it might be. Bank account details, a credit card number or a social security or tax file number is often all a thief needs for fraud.

If you are talking to someone on the phone, get to know them before you give them your cell phone number.

Identity thieves have been known to use home and work phone numbers in reverse phone directories to reveal addresses etc so it's probably best you get to know someone a little before you share your contact details with them.
Staying Safe. Play It Smart.

Keep a log of your chat or IM sessions wherever possible, just in case you need it in the future.

Do not entertain any requests to cash a cashiers check as these checks are usually fake and as a victim you not only lose your money but could also reveal sensitive personal information to the scammer.

Monitor your credit reports regularly to ensure there has been no unusual activity on your account. You can also freeze your report so credit issuers can only access your report when you give them permission to do so.

If you receive emails, text messages or phone calls asking you for sensitive information, make sure you double check with the bank or financial institution as they will usually not ask for sensitive information over the phone. 

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Online, Internet Romance, Dating And Identity Thefts.

Immediate Step For Getting Help.

Sensitive information in the hands of a thief can lead to several kinds of identity fraud - credit card, bank and finance, government documents (getting a driver's license in the victim's name; using social security number), getting a job pretending to be the victim, renting services etc.

Obviously an imposter is bad news and if you think you are a victim of identity theft/ fraud, you must get help immediately.
Immediate Step For Getting Help.

File a police report, immediately notify creditors.

Dispute unauthorized transactions and doing so will help restore your name and credit report.

Set up a fraud alert on your credit report to prevent the thief from opening further accounts.

Close the bank accounts or credit cards that have been tampered with.



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Boca Raton, Florida Private Investigators, Identity Theft That May Happen During Internet Dating. Internet Dating, Extortion, Blackmail. Online Identity Theft. They Asked, Or You Gave Them Your Personal Information.
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